2016 Houston Market – Talent Overload

Sarah Watts for Cotton and Steel
Such a fantastic collection by Sarah Watts~ Can't wait to get my hands on it

Houston’s International Quilt Market

I know I am a little behind with sharing my International Quilt Market adventure; I took my time to think about this trip. I have now gone to Houston two times and Spring once in the last two years.

Therefore, Spring Market in Salt Lake City felt more intimate and felt like fewer vendors, but I could chat and talk with other designers, teachers, fabric companies, and pattern makers.  I love the experience of bunking with some friends this time around in a big Airbnb, which was so cool! And made me super excited for the fall event!

Quilt Market in Fall, it is HUGE! The venue, the city, everything.

While I can’t explain to you how vital this event has become for me, it’s time I get to reconnect with my friends around the world in one place. I come back inspired and ready to make upgrades and changes in my business and personal life. It is an empowering feeling to get together with all the most creative people in my industry!

The people and friends you meet at the quilt market are unlike any other event I have been to, seeing my favorite fabric designers, getting to chat with them about what really inspired their line, or hearing their amazing accents!

Getting to see the cool new patterns from designers of clothing, accessories, bags, and quilts. All the designers (fabric and patterns) are amazing and so talented, it’s impossible not to be inspired or impressed! Visiting Houston for the quilt market is going to be my favorite event of the year; it’s not cheap, but it’s so worth seeing all my friends in a creative space.

So I am not going to GUSH about Fall Market, but I am going to post up the photos 🙂

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