How to Use A Heat Transfer Pen

How to Use A Heat Transfer Pen

Heat Transfer Pen for Hand Embroidery 

How to Use a Heat Transfer Pen

Using a transfer pen takes a few things, a great pen with a fine tip, tracing paper, heat, and pressure.

This video will help you get reliable results when transferring your images. I check out one of my favorite references for anything embroidery-related with Sublime Stitching suggests. I know this video is a little long, and I promise to update it once I have some help and don’t have to do it all alone.

But for now, this is a great way to know or learn how to use a heat transfer pen for your embroidery creations; heat transfer pens can be fine-tipped or bold and broad. I love the fine tips due not to want people to see the transfer under the stitches.

Jenny Hart has the most unique and fun transfer patterns and supplies!

Heat Transfer Pen –

There are many types of pens; my go-to is the Sublime Stitching.  However, the Sulky pens are also an excellent pen to use and be careful with pressing too hard and damaging the pen tip.  The tracing paper I love is Bienfang Tracing and Sketch paper from Amazon; I am using it in the video. I also love the Sulky brand transfer pens; they have all kinds of colors and tip sizes to ensure you get the finish you want!

Try different supplies and find the one you like the best; there are so many brands. I tend to try a few methods and brands; so far, my favorite is the Fine Tip Iron-On pens I got from Sublime Stitching. Jenny knows her stuff when it comes to embroidery.

Embroidery Supplies - Heat Transfer Pen

As with anything, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me!


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